DJJP Painting Services

At DJJP Painting Services we provide  interior and exterior painting services for domestic homes and commercial and industrial premises.

We place special emphasis on pre-painting preparation work, as this is critical to achieving excellent outcomes that will be sustained for many years.

All our staff are fully qualified painters with many years of  experience and are qualified to deploy elevated platforms when required. We only use premium quality paints and materials to ensure we achieve the perfect and professional finish that our customers require.

We are happy to assist with colour matching and discussing colour options with our customers. We are also happy to provide references and are fully insured.

Domestic Painting Services

If you’re looking for domestic painters, DJJP Painting Services can handle all your needs whatever the size of your home.

Your home is your pride and joy. You not only want it to look as good as possible, you also want to keep it in tiptop shape for as long as you can. One way to achieve both is through regular painting.

Using DJJP Painting Services, who specialise in providing residential painting services, you can keep your home looking pristine both inside and out, as well as help protect it against the elements and the rigours of daily use. Think of the punishment your home takes. Outside it’s scorched by the sun, buffeted by wind and rain, and attacked by pollutants. Inside it suffers from spills, knocks and scuffs, and smoke. No wonder your paintwork starts to look dull and faded after a while.

For all your domestic painting needs, call Bob at DJJP Painting Services on 0419 568 111 or email today.

Commercial Painting Services

If you are looking for commercial painters for your shop, restaurant, office or any other type of commercial building DJJP Painting Services can handle the job with a high level of expertise

Commercial buildings need to be well maintained, and that includes making sure the paintwork is perfect. You need to provide your staff with a pleasant work environment, and your customers or clients with a professional facade. A well-maintained building assures visitors that you’re the kind of business that cares and has pride. In other words, you’re worth doing business with.

For all your commercial painting needs, call Bob at DJJP Painting Services on 0419 568 111 or email today.

Industrial Painting Services

Painting jobs for factories and other industrial premises requires specific skills. Not only do the craftsmen themselves need to be masters, but the supervisor or team lead needs sound project management skills. Industrial painting can be an involved and complex project so you need to choose a company with the proficient personnel  to handle it. That way you’ll get the job done fast with minimum disruption. That’s what DJJP Painting Services provides with every  industrial job.

For all your industrial  painting needs, call Bob at DJJP Painting Services on 0419 568 111 or email today.